Sofia+Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk (Wood Top)

Sofia+Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk (Wood Top)
-Slide out Mouse Deck (Patent Pending) allows you to use your favorite computer mouse without sacrificing space. -Mouse Desk pulls out on either the left or right side. Mouse Deck: 7.5" L x 7" W.
-Media slots for tablets 9.6" or smaller and smart phones 3.5" or smaller. Use the phone slot to easily notice incoming calls and messages while working on your laptop. Tablet Slot: 10" L x .75" W. Smart Phone Slot: 3.5" L x .75" W
-Keeps your lap cool and comfortable, Built in handle for portability. Includes soft Memory Foam along with a angled design that provides comfort and support.
-Dimensions: 18.5" wide x 14" deep x 3.5" high. Weight: 5 pounds. Patent Pending



The Sofia+Sam Multi Media Memory Foam Lap Desk is the ultimate workstation for anyone using a laptop, tablet or smart phone. The lap desk allows you to work on a laptop or tablet, watch tv, write or read while staying alert to your phone for incoming calls and messages. Patent Pending